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WASHINGTON (APRIL 3, 2018) — Ninety-six journals across the globe polled more than 2,500 experts for the 2018 Lancet Open Forum on Ageing, Health and Society. The Lancet Open Forum was launched in August 2019 by the No. 2 World Health Organization (WHO) in the wake of President Donald Trump’s unexpected death and the impacts it will have on health. Since its launch nearly two years ago, the organization has surveyed more than a dozen medical and social scientists. It reported strong global support for the initiative, with 91% of observers and a non-response rate of 61%.

The Lancet Open Forum, launched at the very end of 2019, is open to 24 of the 925 private and non-profit institutions registered in the Forum. We looked at the responses among 12 Institutelia journals and garnered responses from a very large number of senior journal editors. We also looked at responses beyond the contributors and rated the journal‎s overall quality and quantity of content. Answers from the experts were overwhelming in support of the initiative, with 99% of respondents supporting it in their journals. Five journals that had an overwhelming presence of experts, the Lancet, Foxconn, and the International AIDS Society received “high marks in 21 NASRI’s 69 thoroughness of grading criteria,” Frank S. Sinz, host, World Health Organization Ambassadors Board, told us in a recent telephone interview.

“I look forward to this initiative to celebrate the continuing impact it has on leading geriatric/nutrition experts through the 1,000.”

More than the number of actual scientists who responded to the questions, an ever-larger sample of people who responded indicated a strong support towards the initiative. Studies by the Lancet, Foxconn, the International AIDS Society and Sun Travel International, among others, showed high numbers from all quarters, especially in three highly-recognized fields – health, medical-services, and communication.

“The largest surge that I’ve seen was in health,” said Sarah Jones of the Diabetes & Fibromyalgia Foundation (DfMF). She said that reviews of the journal’s overall health capability and the amount of research and data available to date helped impetus the initiative. “We were very pleased and hugely thankful to pause the global age of screening,” she said.

The initiative was launched as part of Library 4 (CRAN)’s World Health Conference in May 2018. The meeting drew over 20,000 experts from throughout the globe, and the main purpose of the conference was to promote the use of the “open house” model, where experts congregate to disseminate best practice.

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