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Expo 2027 or Expo 2028 will be a “recognized” international exposition under the rules of the Bureau International des Exposition (BIE). So far, two places are considering bidding for this slot, Málaga, Spain and Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Both are proposing bids for 2027.

The host of Expo 2017, the previous world’s fair of this size, was decided at the BIE’s General Assembly in November 2012. Both bids for 2017 were placed in 2011.

Given that, it’s reasonable to assume that the bids for either 2027 or 2028 will be in 2021 with a vote in 2022.

Cities are still in the early stages of determining if they will bid for a world’s fair in 2027. Currently, Minnesota plans to bid again (this time for 2027) after losing to Buenos Aires for 2023.

Additionally, the Swiss National Exhibition is marketing itself as “Expo 2027” which could create some confusion if another city were to successfully bid for the year 2027.

Potential Málaga, Spain bid for Expo 2027

Málaga, Spain has proposed bidding for Expo 2027 under a theme focused on the challenges of modern cities. Spain has previously held Expo ’92 in Seville and Expo 2008 in Zaragoza.

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Potential Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA bid for Expo 2027

Proposed theme: “Wellness and Well Being for All: Healthy People, Healthy Planet”

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