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Expo 2030 will be a “sanctioned” international exposition under the rules of the Bureau International des Exposition (BIE). So far, two cities are considering bidding for Expo 2030: Busan, South Korea and Houston, Texas, USA.

The host of Expo 2020, the previous world’s fair of this size, will be decided at the BIE’s General Assembly by the end of 2013. The five bids for Expo 2020 were placed in 2011.

Given that, it’s reasonable to assume that the bids for a world’s fair in 2030 will be in 2021 with a vote in 2022.

So far, two cities have started looking at 2030.

Possible Busan, South Korea bid for Expo 2030

Busan, South Korea is being considered as a possible site for Expo 2030. South Korea has previously hosted two smaller-sized world’s fairs, Expo ’93 in Taejon (now romanized as “Daejeon”) and Expo Expo 2012 in Yeosu.

Web site: expo.busan.go.kr

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Possible Houston, Texas, USA bid for Expo 2030

Houston, Texas may bid for Expo 2030.

State Departent site: Hosting the World’s Fair

Facebook page: Expo Houston 2030

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